Terms & Conditions

Plans and specifications for residential construction (or construction documents, as they are often called in the industry) are copyrighted intellectual property, protected under the terms of United States Copyright Law and, therefore, cannot by copied legally for use in building on any other site other than the site originally designated on the plans.

These guidelines will help you buy the right number of copies for your chosen home plan.

Purchase enough copies of the construction documents to satisfy building requirements. As a rule of thumb for a home or project plan, you will need a set for yourself, two or three for your builder and subcontractors, two for the local building department, and two for your mortgage lender. You may want to check with your local building department or your builder to see how many they need before you purchase. You may need to buy eight to ten sets of prints. Please remember, plans are only good for one-time construction.

One set of construction documents is fine if you want to study the plan closely, but will not be enough for building your new home.

Your builder or a copy center cannot legally copy construction documents. Most copy centers are aware of this.

Don't use construction documents more than one time. Additional fees apply if you want to build more than one time from a set of drawings.

These designs and construction documents are protected under the terms of United States Copyright Law and may not be copied or reproduced in any way, by any means. We authorize the use of your chosen design as an aid in the construction of one single family home only. You may not use this design to build a second or multiple dwellings on any other site without purchasing another construction document package or additional design fees.


Consider reverse construction documents if you want to reverse or flip the house on your site. Reversed sets will help you and your builder construct your new home without miscommunication or confusion on the job site.

The plans and all dimensions and verbiage will be as if the construction documents were originally drawn reversed. Minor changes will occur such as dishwasher to right of sink, washing machine left of dryer etc. for correct hand.


We will exchange your entire first order for an equal or greater number of construction documents, within our plan collection, within 90 days of the original order. The entire content of your original order must be returned before an exchange will be processed. Please call for your return authorization number and shipping instructions. If the returned blueprints look used, redlined, or copied, we will not honor your exchange. Fees for exchanging your blueprints are as follows: 20% of the amount of the original order, plus the difference in cost if exchanging for a design in a higher price or less the difference in cost if exchanging for a design with a lower price. Please call for current postage and handling prices. Shipping and handling charges are not refundable.


Custom Home Designs, LLC has put substantial care and effort into the creation of our construction documents. However, because we cannot provide on-site consultation, supervision, and control over actual construction, and because of the great variance in local building requirements, building practices, and soil, seismic, weather, and other conditions, WE MAKE NO WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, WITH RESPECT TO THE CONTENT OR USE OF THE CONSTRUCTION DOCUMENTS, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO ANY WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR OF FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. ITEMS, PRICES, TERMS AND CONDITIONS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE.

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