lsmarada Relationship: Client Project Date: May 2013 Project Price Range: $10,000-$49,999 John Guillory spent several months working on and perfecting our house plans. He took all of our suggestions and needs based on our age and family members into account. We gave him ideas and he improved upon them. John was professional yet easy to work with. We feel that we made a great choice when we selected him as our custom home designer. Someone asked me recently if, after moving into our new home, we saw things we should have changed on the house plans, I emphatically stated, "No, it is our dream home and it's perfect!" 6703 Relationship: Client Project Date: August 2013 Project Price Range: $50,000-$100,000 We were very pleased with the architectural genius of John Guillory; he listened to our descriptive imaginative ideas and produced plans of beauty and usefulness that surpassed all of our dreams on our octagan glass office/library! melissatheriot Relationship: Client Project Date: October 2009 Project Price Range: more than $100,000 My husband and I had the pleasure of working with John Guillory to create our dream home. We had dreamed of the perfect house for years, so I had been gathering ideas, pictures, samples, etc., for years. John was able to take my very long list of likes and dislikes and must haves and create the PERFECT floor plan for us. He also had countless great ideas that I would have never dreamed of but now cannot live without. Throughout the process, John was very professional, courteous, and patient. No question or change was too small. He was also a wealth of information regarding the entire process of home building and all the building products and applications. He really has a gift. Everyone comments on our great floor plan and amazing use of space in our house. We would not consider building or remodeling another home without Custom Home Designs! jberegi Relationship: Client Project Date: July 2010 Project Price Range: $1,000-$9,999 We hired John Guillory with Custom Home Designs to draw up the plans for our new home in 2010. He was very professional, and we were very pleased with his ideas and layout. He was also quick to get our ideas to paper. We have been in our home for almost three years now and feel that we have a very beautiful and well-designed home. We would highly recommend Custom Home Designs. ewbankgm Relationship: Client Project Date: May 2012 Project Price Range: $50,000-$100,000 John had the ability to identify our needs as a couple with an idea of a dream home then to use his a professional experience to transform these wants and needs into a workable, efficient and cost effective home design. We deeply appreciate his calm manner and personal attention to our individual needs. We have continued to call him for small project advice and recommendations, which he is very happy to assist with. It is rare when one starts working with a professional then gladly calls them a friend - John is that professional. amherst12 Relationship: Client Project Date: January 2010 Project Price Range: more than $100,000 My wife and I had a wonderful working relationship with John during the design process for our addition. John provided the expertise we needed to help create our vision for the addition and incorporated all of our needs and desires while holding to firm to our budget. John is very easy to work with and I would recommend him highly. Robalis Relationship: Client Project Date: January 2014 Project Price Range: more than $100,000 John designed our home, which was completed in December 2014. All of the other reviews are right on the mark in regard to his professionalism, attention to detail, work ethic, knowledge. John is one of those guys who knows a lot about a lot of things as they relate to houses. He was a great source of information when we had questions during the construction of our home. When John designs a house, he designs the "perfect" house. He will design it so that when your builder cuts corners on construction to cut costs, you'll still have a sturdier house than all your neighbors. John's design will cost a little more to build, but your house will be stronger, tighter and more energy efficient and better insulated than others. Our 2,800 square foot home had an average electric bill of $135 a month during the hottest period when we were running the air conditioning constantly. Oh, we also have an electric water heater since we don't have natural gas available. John helped us make our dream home a reality. We would recommend him to anyone. His rates are reasonable. We wouldn't have the quality of house we have if we hired someone else. After the initial consultation, John recommended we talk to another home designer before making our decision. We found out about John through some friends who had him design their home. We checked out another place in Baton Rouge, and an architect looked at the same floor plan drawing we showed John. Long story short: During our first visit with John, he pulled out a roll of tracing paper, layed it over our initial floor plan and started drawing some possibilities that we hadn't thought about and moving things around. We wanted to know what worked and didn't work as well as what would be better. Only John showed he had that ability to make our plans better. Believe me when I say we tried to get the other guy to show some imagination to improve our plans. John is a guy who is always trying to improve his house designs, learn new things about houses (design methods and concepts, materials, appliances, just about everything in a home). John was truly the "Go-to Guy" whenever we needed an answer immediately. 60michael Relationship: Client Project Date: October 2014 Project Price Range: $1,000-$9,999 We have known John Guillory for several years and have always been amazed at his tireless drive, enthusiasm, and personal love for the field of design. His attention to detail is matched by the way he stays connected to the client in an extremely respectful manner. John's ideas and experience will give you a finished product that you will be completely pleased with....both practical and beautiful. He is a likable, honest, reliable and reasonable man, and we would use his services again. The Hughes Family mikef2b Relationship: I both worked with this company and also utilized them to design my home remodel Project Date: September 2013 Project Price Range: $50,000-$100,000 I am a Registered Professional Engineer and have worked with many engineers, architects and other design professionals over the years. None exceed, and few match, the competence, expertise, and professionalism of Custom Home Designs, which is the reason I trusted this firm with designing the interior and exterior remodel of the home we recently purchased. Custom Home Designs did an excellent job of helping us figure out the best approach to accomplish what we wanted in the house in ways we would not have thought of. The design and construction plans were produced timely and precisely, and left no detail undone for the contractor to follow. alcb72 Relationship: client Project Date: September 2013 Project Price Range: more than $100,000 John Guillory has a tremendous amount of knowledge of home design. Every inch of my home was thought about on paper before anything was ever built. He was insistent able me knowing what was happening and getting the home to flow from room to room. He has the most pleasant way of informing the client on what works and what doesn't from his experience as a custom home designer. John stays on time, helped me stay within budget, and made sure contractors did there part so that it was built to specifications. Working with John Guillory was the best part of building my home, everything done to spec, everything within budget and right on time. I felt John knew more about construction, and products used in&on a home than all the people in the field. I would definitely use John Guillory again and would highly recommend him , if you want a awesome home, done the way it is supposed to be done. Great experience, great honest man, all the knowledge you will ever need for any size home. John Broussard Relationship: client Project Date: October 2016 Project Price Range: $10,000- $49,999 This was our 2nd renovation working with Custom Home Designs and John Guillory. When embarking on a project, it pays to get a professional on your side and John fits the bill! His expertise really helped us in many ways: gave us options we hadn't considered, pointed out areas we could save $$ on and areas we shouldn't skimp on, etc. etc. A reno of any size can be overwhelming, so it was great to have John along for the journey to guide us! D. Schoenfield Relationship: client Project Date: August 2019 Project Price Range: $10,000- $49,999 We contacted Mr. Guillory when we decided to remodel our front and back balconies as he did our original new home designs as we trusted he would determine the best approach for us. We met with him at our house and we worked with him to get what worked for us and within our budget. He was professional and was receptive to our questions and when applicable he would come out and go over the prints with us for the changes to ensure we were all on the same page before we started working on the remodel. He was with us to the end of the project and everything we discussed or changed was done with our satisfaction. We would strongly recommend Mr. Guillory to anyone doing new building, or remodeling as we were very happy with his work and working with him. K. Callaghan Relationship: client Project Date: October 2013 Project Price Range: more than $100,000 We've worked with John Guillory (Custom Home Designs) for two projects - a major home renovation and, later, a small bathroom renovation. We would not only use him again for any future projects, but would highly recommend him and his company to anyone seeking a custom, well-thought-out, unique design tailored to fit the client's needs and wants. Despite the fact that he is not an architect, I found that John's design ideas are as good as those of any architect with whom I've worked (I was a licensed landscape architect for many years). By using CHD, those seeking the services of a professional home designer, can save a lot of money (which can be put towards the project itself) and get just as high quality a result. John is knowledgeable about building codes, realistic costs, and is a great source of knowledge about where and how to obtain certain items which enhance and make the project truly one-of-a-kind. I have already recommended Custom Home Designs to several people (and CHD was recommended to me by two others). Everyone I know who has used CHD's design services has been extremely pleased. G. Verret Relationship: client Project Date: January 2014 Project Price Range: more than $100,000 John is amazing! My wife and I spent a tremendous amount of time selecting a home designer and visited with at least 4-6 others. John stood out with his practical, straight forward and caring approach that was truly customized to us as a client. In the ensuing 1 1/2 years, we designed our 'forever' home that was not only mindful of the aesthetic goals that we had but with solid and value based construction methods. I spent another two years building my home (self contracted) and John was accessible and kept current with our needs and the project. I cannot imagine building our home if it was drawn by the other designers we met with. If you are truly interested in a 'custom' home design and build experience, then John Guillory will not disappoint! Thank you John and sorry we lost touch. We will talk soon! Kitchen to Bath Concepts Relationship: Colleague Project Date: August 2015 Project Price Range: more than $100,000 Our company worked in a joint venture with John Guillory, Custom Home Designs, on the space planning of this client's home. We recommend John to anyone who is building a new home or adding an addition as he is very knowledgeable on foundation and roofing systems. L. Hudson Relationship: client Project Date: March 2020 Project Price Range: Less than $1,000 I can highly recommend Custom Home Designs. The team was very responsive to our requests and they offered clear processes to help us realize our vision. We were very satisfied with their efforts on our behalf. A. Grassman Relationship: client Project Date: March 2020 Project Price Range: $50,000- $100,000 We have worked with Custom Home designs for several of our house projects and have nothing but great things to say! The work is very detailed and well thought out. John always has lots of ideas on how to make the most out of a design! We would highly recommend them! P. Johnson Relationship: client Project Date: July 2020 Project Price Range: $50,000- $100,000 We were very intimidated by the entire project that was ahead of us having never gone through the design-build process. John was very knowledgeable and took our ideas (and concerns) seriously and made it all look seamless. We are now very excited for the next phase of our project and owe a huge part of that to John. We highly recommend him to help with your project. Tigersagain Relationship: client Project Date: July 2006 Project Price Range: $50,000- $100,000 We hired John to do the plans for our house. He was great to work with and was very understanding. It took us 8 months to finalize the plans but that's because each time he provided us plans we came back to him with tweaks to them. John was more than happy to make the adjustments we requested because each one made the house more efficient. We still contact John every now and then for questions on both our house and his professional expertise in dealing with home contractors. I would highly recommend John Guillory for drawing your next home plans, it's money well spent.